Original Teams

Original Teams

In 1949, soon after the formation of the Polonia club had taken place, a large group of predominantly Polish-based soccer enthusiasts were gathered together to form a team in readiness for the first ever match under the new club identity. On that day, Polonia recorded a 3-0 win against their Hungarian rivals, Budapest, in a match played in Lidcombe.

The squad members for this inaugural match included:
Drepelski, Dudek, Gołąb, Guż, Harlender, Kabar, Kubiak, Marciniak, Markowiak, Mrówka, Musiał, Napieraj, Nider, Nitarski*, Pałka, Sztajniger, Szymczak, Teterycz, Wojerk, Zdębski and others.

In 1996, and after a three-year absence of Polish-based soccer in Sydney, Kościuszko was formed. Their inaugural competition match took place in the NSW State League Division Five. Their opponents for the 17th March clash were Gladesville-Hornsby.

The match, played at Christie Park, saw Kościuszko draw 3-3 in First Grade and narrowly lose 0-1 in Reserve Grade.

The two grades lined up as follows for round one, season 1996 match:

1st Grade: Reserve Grade: Substitutes:

1 Paul Spears

2 Adam Biziuk

13 Adrian Adami

4 Radek Czerwiński

5 Rafał Smaza

6 Wojtek Nowak

17 Adam Kwaśniewski

8 Charles Sosa

9 Sebastian Wożniczka

10 Ali Senol

11 Erwin Jakubowski

1 Paul Spears

12 David Irving

3 George Michael

4 Daniel Malek

5 Gregoir Zwolak

6 Andre Cloccia

7 Thomas Jakubowski

8 Julio Terre

9 Dino Stajcic

10 Krys Szwaja

11 Richard Benkovic

12 Antony Radas

13 Jason Frendo

3 Richard Nitarski*

14 Roman Vedat

17 Richard Benkovic

16 Dino Stajcic

Coach: Henryk Mojsa

President: Marian Cieślik

*In a unique coincidence, the Nitarski family was represented on the field, in the original matches for both Polonia and
Kościuszko. Stan Nitarski laced on the boots against Budapest in 1949, while his son Richard, emulated his achievement 47 years